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‘Drive for Liam Quiz’ Questions and Answers Round by Round

By Mary Morgan Thu 25th Aug

Graigue Ballycallan Quiz Team

Graigue Ballycallan Quiz Team wins 1st prize

Brendan Hayes, Joe Ryan, Darragh Egan and Milo Hennessy

‘Drive for Liam Quiz’ 
Round by Round Results as they are announced 

Drive for Liam Quiz Round 1 Questions
1.  Why were Fenix Two and Marching Song in the news last February?
2.  Who was the only Fianna Fail TD elected in Dublin in the last General Election?
3.  Kilkenny won the last Oireachtas final to be held. In which Year?
4.  Name the capital city of Libya.
5.  Who wrote “A History of the GAA in Kilmacow”, published in 2010?
6.  Which country won the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest?
7.  Which county has won the most All Ireland Senior Camogie titles?
8. What is the only one-word anagram of the word “English”?
9.  In which year did Bennettsbridge last win the County Senior Hurling Championship?
10. This goal helped to make Kilkenny All Ireland champions, but in what year?

 Drive for Liam Quiz Round 2

1. What Kilkenny championship is played for the Tom Ryall Cup?
2. In which US state was Barack Obama born?

3. Why was the 1890 Munster SF final abandoned after 57 minutes?
4. In the movie “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”, who played part of the ugly one?
5. What is the correct name of Cheltenham Race Course?
6. A sheet of A4 paper is 210 mm wide, but how long in mm is it?
7. In which county are the following GAA clubs –  Duffry Rovers, Gusserane and    Starlights?
8. Which film won Best Picture award at the 2011 Academy Awards?
9. What is the name of Dublin’s newest Liffey Bridge, opened in 2009?
10. Originally released in 1963 and currently being used to promote alcohol in a TV advertising campaign the song Bosa Nova Baby by Elvis Presley is part of the soundtrack to what 1963 movie? (Audio 29 sec)  

Drive for Liam Quiz Round 3
1. Name the trophy awarded to the USPGA winner.
2. Which river flows through Kilcullen, Co Kildare?
3. How many Ulster counties have won All Ireland Senior Football titles?
4. In May 2006, Belfast Airport officially changed its name in honour of which famous Irishman?
5. “Inuit” is the correct term for the people commonly known as what?
6. In which year did Kilkenny win an All Ireland Senior Hurling Final with a starting full back line of Michael Kavanagh, Noel Hickey, and James Ryall?
7 . Which famous fictional character lives at 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging?
8. Which county holds the most All Ireland Club Senior Hurling  titles?
9. Who is the current leader of the Green Party?
10. Name this famous sports personality?

Drive for Liam Quiz Round 4
1. How many Kilkenny GAA clubs have jerseys containing the colour red?
2. The year 1961 reads the same upside down. In what year will this next happen?
3.  In which year were the first 70 minute All Ireland finals played?
4. Clark Kent is to Superman as Dr David Banner is to who?
5. Who won the 2011 Irish Open Golf Championship?
6. What is the world’s highest mountain that is not in a mountain range?
7. Who did Ballyhale Shamrocks beat to win their first County SH title in 1978?
8.  Three countries have both an Atlantic and a Mediterranean coast. France and Spain are two, but what is the other?
9. Who won the 2011 Christy Ring Cup?
10.  The following piece of audio is from a 1989 blockbuster movie, name it?  (Audio 30sec)

Drive for Liam Quiz Round 5
1. In the story of Jack and the Beanstalk what did Jack exchange for the magic beans?
2. In what year did Dublin last contest an All Ireland Senior Football Final?
3. What is the only American state which starts with the letter `A` but doesn`t end with `A`?
4. For which Tipperary club did Ryan O’Dwyer play before moving to Dublin?
5. What is the new name for Fás?
6.  With which Co Clare club did Davy Fitzgerald play?
7. Robbie Keane has moved to LA Galaxy. Name the league in which they play.
8. Travelling due east from New York, what is the first European country you would reach?
9.  In which English county is Glastonbury?
10.  Name this current hurling G.A.A. manager? (Audio 20sec)

Drive for Liam Quiz  Tie-Break
1. How many times have Kilkenny beaten Tipperary in the All Ireland Senior Hurling Final?
2. What was Ghandi`s real first name? (It was not Mahatma)
3. From what ancient sporting activity does the word `crestfallen` come?
4.  What is the one-word anagram of “alarming”?
5. With which sport do you associate Movistar, Cofidis and Lamprey?

Final Tie Breaker:
What was the attendance at the 1984 All Ireland Hurling Final in Thurles

Drive for Liam Round 1 Results 1. Two horses who dropped dead at Newbury Races 2. Brian Lenehan 3.  1999 4. Tripoli 5. Senan Cooke 6. Azerbaijan 7. Dublin  8. Shingle 9.  1971 10. 2006     

Drive for Liam Results Round 2 1.   U14 “A” Hurling Championship    (The “A” must be included) 2. Hawaii 3. The football burst. 4. Eli Wallach 5. Prestbury Park 6. 297mm 7. Wexford 8. The King’s Speech   9. Samuel Becket Bridge  10. Fun in Acapulco

Drive for Liam Round 3 1. The Wannamaker Trophy 2. The Liffey 3. 6  (Armagh, Cavan, Derry, Down, Donegal and Tyrone.) 4. George Best 5. Eskimoes 6. 2003 7. Harry Potter 8. Galway  (with 11) 9.Eamon Ryan 10. Pele. 

Drive for Liam Round 4 1. 6 (James Stephens, Railyard, Rower Inistioge, St Martin’s, Windgap and Young Irelands) 2. 6009  3.  1975  4. The Incredible Hulk  5. Simon Dyson 6. Kilimanjaro 7. Fenians 8. Morocco 9. Kerry (beat Wicklow) 10. Batman

Drive for Liam  Round 5 1. A cow 2. 1995 (Beat Tyrone) 3.Arkansas (Alaska, Alabama, Arizona are the others) 4.Cashel King Cormacs.  (Accept Cashel) 5. Solas 6. Sixmilebridge 7. MLS (Major League Soccer) 8. Portugal 9 Somerset 10.  Anthony Daly

Drive for Liam Tie Breaker Round: Tie-Break 1. 5  (1909, 1913,  1922, 1967, 2009.) 2. Mohandas 3. Cockfighting 4. Marginal, 5. Cycling  (Team/sponsors names)

Final Tie breaker; Attendance  58,814

Questions Compliments of Gerry O’Neill Kilkenny Yearbook






By Mary Morgan Thu 25th Aug

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