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D.J. Carey on Leinster GAA T.V.

By Mary Morgan Wed 23rd May

The five-time All-Ireland senior medallist reveals, in an exclusive interview with Leinster GAA TV, that he is now “feelinggood” and advises viewers to undergo a medical check up on an annual basis.

Speaking in a one-on-one interview with Jackie Cahill,nine-time Allstar Carey admits that he got “a little bit of a fright” but is now “feeling good.”

Carey added that “there is a bit to go yet and it willtake a bit of time” before he returns to full health.

Carey also thanked his legion of loyal supporters and friends for their recent messages of goodwill and support.

He says that people getting in touch to wish him well at a difficult time meant a lot to him and were much appreciated.

Looking fit and relaxed, Carey recommends that people should“get a check up once a year”.

In the first of a four-part exclusive interview, Carey speaks about his glittering playing career and charts his rise from a young boywho professed an early preference for football to his formative experiences as a hurler.

The first part of this exclusive Leinster GAA TV interview,part of the Leinster Legends series, will air on Thursday morning, May 24.

The schedule for the 4 interviews is:

Part 1: Thursday 24 May

Part 2: Saturday 26 May

Part 3: Thursday 31 May

Part 4: Saturday 1 June

As this is Online TV, all programmes are available to view at all times, following their first airing.

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By Mary Morgan Wed 23rd May

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