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D Day for Club Submissions for Year Book Approaching Fast

By Mary Morgan Mon 22nd Oct

Club News requirements for the 2012 Kilkenny GAA Year Book

Re! Kilkenny GAA Year Book 2012

This year’s Yearbook production retains the format used in the 2011 edition for the Club articles. As a result each club’s playing, social and development activities for 2012 will be covered through a series of (3-6) JPEG photographs of reasonable resolution (minimum of 500KB) to be submitted by each club.

These photos should reflect the year’s activities of the club including those of the local Handball Club. Old historical or unusual photos would also be greatly appreciated as well as those of deceased members. All photos should include some explanatory text outlining the event – names etc. and these captions should be the only text included in the report.

All major obituary notes in each club will be included in a separate section of the book and can be 300-500 words in length and should include a photograph of the deceased.

All Club submissions are to be mailed to Gerry O’Neill  before the deadline of Sunday 28th of October

As publication dates are tight and championships are running later this year all the winning sides will be covered in the main sections of the book and club submissions after this deadline may not guarantee inclusion.

In addition, to streamline the publication each club is asked to submit to the the name and contact details of their Yearbook co-ordinator who may be called on to assist with the naming of club sides etc.

By Mary Morgan Mon 22nd Oct

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