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Historic Yearbooks Now On Line On This Site

By Mary Morgan Fri 17th Jan

Kilkenny GAA Yearbooks  1972 – 2012



q  Kilkenny People published GAA Yearbooks from 1972 to 1988 inclusive, edited by Peter Holohan (1972-1981) and John Knox (1982-1988).


q  No Yearbook was produced in 1989, prompting Kilkenny County Board to take on the task of publication. The Board published its first issue in 1990 and has continued to publish annually to date.


q  This disk contains PDF versions of all 40 books. From 1997 onwards, we did our own origination and the PDF’s from that date on are in editable form. PDF’s prior to that date were made from full page scans and represent images of the pages only.


q  An Excel Spreadsheet is included with an alphabetical list of the feature articles, profiles etc, to be found in the various volumes.


q  Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later is needed to open the documents.


q  In order to navigate quickly through the documents, it is best to save the PDF to your desktop first.


q  Please respect the copyright of the professional photographers involved.


q  We hope that the disk may serve as a reference resource in future years. 



Gerry O’Neill


By Mary Morgan Fri 17th Jan

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