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Drive For Liam Quiz

By Mary Morgan Thu 28th Aug



Round 1




  1. 1.  Fluff and Bones are the nicknames of two men involved in what sporting activity?




     Golf (caddies)






  1. 2.  Omaha, Oregon, Ohio, Oklahoma. Which is the odd one out and why?




     Omaha (not a state).






  1. 3.  In which city were the 2014 European Athletic championships held?










  1. 4.  If Tattenham corner is in Epsom, where is Swinley Bottom?










  1. 5.  Solve the anagram R O A S T I N G












  1. 6.  Name the Cork Rose of Tralee who is the county camogie captain.






     Anna (Aine) Geary






  1. 7.  Bryansford, Mayobridge and Clonduff are GAA clubs in which county?














8. In which city were the 2014 Commonwealth Games held?
















Round 2




  1. 1.  Who won the 2014 tour de France?




      (Vincenzo) Nibali






  1. 2.  In which Dublin postal district is Croke Park?












  1. 3.  What country won the 2014 Aga Khan trophy?










  1. 4.  In which golf course will the 2014 Ryder Cup take place?




           Gleneagles (Hotel) Golf Club






  1. 5.  Who replaced Ruairi Quinn in the Education and Science ministry?




           Jan O’Sullivan






  1. 6.  Who were the 2013 All Ireland Minor Football champions?










  1. 7.  The first ever Kilkenny Roinn “A” U21 final took place in 1967. Who won?












  1. 8.  What is the name of the County Intermediate Hurling championship trophy?




           The Hanrahan Cup




















Round 3






  1. 1.  What is the only 3-dart finish from 161?




           Treble 20, treble 17, Bull






  1. 2.  In which US state is Dodge city?










  1. 3.  In which Scottish county is St Andrews Golf club?










  1. 4.  In which town is St Conleth’s GAA park?










  1. 5.  If 23 teams enter a championship, how many teams get a bye to 2nd round?










  1. 6.  In what year did Cork Airport open?










  1. 7.  What film ends with the words-  “I’ll be right here.”










  1. 8.  What film ends with-  “I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope..”




           The Shawshank Redemption
















Round 4






  1. 1.  When did Cork last win the All Ireland Minor Hurling final?










  1. 2.  What is Marge Simpson’s maiden name?










  1. 3.  What film won Best Picture award at the 2014 Oscars?




           12 Years a Slave






  1. 4.  Who is the acting Garda Commissioner?




           Noreen O’Sullivan






  1. 5.  Why was the 1937 All Ireland Hurling Final played in Killarney




 Cusack stand under construction. (Completion delayed by builders’     strike)






  1. 6.  What Kilkenny club has had the longest interval between two County Senior Hurling Final victories?




           Bennettsbridge (62 years – 1890–1952)








  1. 7.  Which element is represented by the symbol ‘P’ in the periodic table?










    8. When was the last time a silent movie won an Academy Award?




           2012 (The Artist)
















Round 5 – Audio Round








  1.  Can you put a name to the following very famous voice?




        Elvis Presley






  1.  Bob Dylan, George Harrison and Roy Orbison were three members of the group The Travelling Wilburys. Name the other two.




   Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty






  1.  Lindsay Buckingham singing a song called “trouble”. With what band is he a member?




       Fleetwood Mac






  1.  This is Gilbert O’Sullivan singing one of his many hits “Get Down”.  In what county was he born?










  1.  The following piece of commentary is taken from what All Ireland Final. Simply name the year.




        2012 first game between Kilkenny and Galway which ended in a   draw 0-19 to 2-13. Kilkenny won replay 3-22 to 3-11






  1.  “Sound of the Underground” by Girls Aloud. Can you name the girl from Derry that performed as part of the group?




       Nadine Coyle






  1.  A clip from a 1942 movie which went on to win best picture at the 16th Academy Awards. Name the movie.










  1.  Have a listen to this short clip and identify the famous Irish comedian.




       Tommy Tiernan




Round 6






  1.  What type of bird was the first released from the ark by Noah?




                Raven (Dove was second)






10. The Taj Mahal is beside which Indian city?










11. How many avenues radiate from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris?










  1. 12.  At the 1908 Olympic Games, City of London Police defeated Liverpool Polce to win gold – at what event?




                    Tug of War






13. CHESS DRILLS TIN is an anagram of which movie? (2 words)




                    SCHINDLERS LIST – 1993






14. What English football stadium is an anagram for SPOOKING ROAD?




                    GOODISON PARK






15. What is the name of the helicopter used to transport the President of the United States?




                    MARINE ONE






16. What do the letters HIV stand for?




                    Human Immunodeficiency Virus
















Round 7






  1. 1.  Which TV series is an anagram for THY DIABOLIC FEVER?




           The Vicar of Dibley






  1. 2.  Who was the Supreme Allied Commander during the D Day landings of 1944?




           General Dwight D Eisenhower






  1. 3.  What is Pope Francis’ surname?




           (Jorge Mario) Bergoglio.






  1. 4.  How many living Taoisigh are there?




Five – (Cosgrave, Bruton, Aherne, Cowen, Kenny)






  1. 5.  What do Australians call a dry stream bed that fills with water when it rains?










  1. 6.  What does Moulin Rouge literally mean?




           Red Windmill






  1. 7.  What book begins:-  “If you want to find Cherry Tree Lane, all you have to do is ask the policeman at the cross roads”




           Mary Poppins






  1. 8.  If 5 P for a T in R stands for 5 Points for a Try in Rugby what does 6 P on a S T mean?




           Six Pockets on a Snooker Table
















Round 8






  1. 1.  What nationality was Mekhissi-Benabbad, disqualified for taking his shirt off in celebration at the European Athletics Championships?










  1. 2.  The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral took place in which city?










  1. 3.  Which character said in a movie ‘You might be thinking to yourself did he fire five shots or six”?




           Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood)






  1. 4.  In which film would you hear the famous line “That’s not a knife – this is a knife”?




           Crocodile Dundee






  1. 5.  In which country was the first FIFA World Cup held?










  1. 6.  What is the capital city of Belarus?










  1. 7.  Who is Leader of Scottish National Party?




           Alex Salmond






  1. 8.  Who is Leader of UKIP?




           Nigel Farage














Stand By Questions




  1.  Of the two first fifteens which lined out in the Cork/Tipp semi-final who was youngest player?




           Cathal Barrett (Tipp)






  1.  How many Epsom Derbys did Lester Pigott win?










  1.  In what year did Kilkenny contest their first All Ireland U21H Final?




           1968 – lost to Cork






  1.  Who wrote the Jack Reacher series of books?




           Lee Child






  1.  What town hosted the 2014 Fleadh Cheoil?











  2.  The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral took place in which city?


               Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) or  Dirty Harry

               Crocodile Dundee



     What is the capital city of Belarus?


               Alex Salmond

















  2.  Who was the Supreme Allied Commander during the D Day landings of 1944?


               (Jorge Mario) Bergoglio.



     What do Australians call a dry stream bed that fills with water when it rains?


               Red Windmill



     If 5 P for a T in R stands for 5 Points for a Try in Rugby what does 6 P on a S T mean?



    By Mary Morgan Thu 28th Aug

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