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Leinster Final on Sunday

By Mary Morgan Thu 30th Jun



Kilkenny and Galway meet for the eight time in as many years on Sunday, six

of which have been in the Leinster Championship since Galway gained admittance

to the province in 2009.


There have been many memorable moments shared between these great rivals;, Kilkenny’s

ten consecutive points to win by four in the ’09 Leinster semi, Galway’s superb first-half to virtually clinch a landmark 2012 Leinster title, Henry and Joe swopping late points in a dramatic finale to the 2014 Leinster semi-final in Tullamore.


In all, since Brian Cody took charge of the Cats in autumn 1998, the Cats and Tribes have met on fifteen occasions in the Championship with Kilkenny winning ten, Galway three and two draws:


2000 All-Ireland s-f: KK 2-19 Gal 0-18

2001 All-Ireland s-f: Gal 2-15 KK 1-13

2004 All-Ireland Qualifier: KK 4-20 Gal 1-10

2005 All-Ireland s-f: Gal 5-18 KK 4-18

2006 All-Ireland q-f: KK 2-22 Gal 3-14

2007 All-Ireland q-f: KK 3-22 Gal 1-18

2009 Leinster s-f: KK 2-20 Gal 3-13

2010 Leinster Final: KK 1-19 Gal 1-12

2012 Leinster Final: Gal 2-21 KK 2-11

          All-Ireland Final: KK 0-19 Gal 2-13

          All-Ire Final Replay: KK 3-22 Gal 3-11

2014: Leinster s-f: KK 3-22 Gal 5-16

           Leinster s-f replay: KK 3-19 Gal 1-17

2015: Leinster Final: KK 1-25 Gal 2-15

           All-Ireland Final: KK 1-22 Gal 1-18


I’m sure Sunday will provide Cats and Tribes fans with more special memories!


Richard Holden

By Mary Morgan Thu 30th Jun

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