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Poc Fada at Gowran Park

By Mary Morgan Tue 13th Jun

Role of Scorekeeper and Rules      
The Scorekeeper shall keep an accurate record of the   
Hurler’s score Poc by Poc.      
He must rercord each Poc on the Scorecard immediately
as it occurs (however short the poc may be).    
A Poc is deemed to have been taken when the sliothar 
is struck by the Hurler in the contest irrespective of the
direction the sliothar takes.      
The Scorekeeper shall see to it that the Hurler, when  
taking the Poc, does not pass the cone before a Poc  
is taken.          
The scorekeeper shall ensure that there are no undue  
delays caused by his Hurler.      
A reasonable time may be spent searching for a lost  
The Scorekeeper may allow other hurlers in the   
contest to pass.        
The Judges decision is Final      
By Mary Morgan Tue 13th Jun

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