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Under 19 Grade Proposal For Kilkenny Clubs

By Mary Morgan Fri 20th Oct

Review of Adult Competitions and Establishment of under 19 competition to fill the void between U17 and Adult grade.


 Byrne and Aylward cup competitions.


1)      Senior clubs want only to play senior teams. 2) Games are better than trying to arrange challenge games. 3) Fixture to close to championship games lead to walk overs.


Junior A.

1)      Between League and championship 19 rounds needed to finish.

2)      Imbalance in number of teams competing from North and South.

3)      Only six club competed on South Junior A Thomastown, Dunnamaggin, Tullogher/Rosbercon, Mullinavat, Mooncoin, Carrickshock. 13 Teams competed in North Junior A


Junior B 17 Rounds needed to finish yet some clubs were eliminated week ending July 23rd.




New system required to take account of different needs of big and small clubs.



Senior and Intermediate clubs to name a minimum of 13 players for their first teams who cannot be regraded. Current system to continue for other grades.


Player Drop out


1)      Major concern at number of players dropping out after minor grade.

2)      Clubs favour U19 competition.

3)      Maintain U21.


Proposed Solutions


1)      Amalgamate North and South Boards into County Junior Board to allow for organisation of all Junior competitions on an All County basis. See proposed format.

2)      Replace current North and South Junior A and B League with all county junior A, B, C and D leagues to consist of 10 teams. Format for D decided when number of teams entering if finalised.

3)      CCC to grade clubs on previous years championship.


U21 Organise U21 on All County basis. 3 Divisions. Draws to take place in October.


U19= 8 TEAMS IN EACH DIVISION PLAYING IN GROUPS OF 4. Number of teams in bottom division to be decided on entries.


See page 2 and 3 for current and proposed fixtures.


See page 4 for proposed format for new Junior A, B, C See page 5 for format for U19.


To avoid walk overs Games in all subsidiary leagues can be played 13 aside.


No postponements allowed in any subsidiary league games to be played on dates allocated. If team unable to field points go to opponents.



2017 Senior Intermediate Junior Section A Junior Section B Junior A Junior B U18 Club County 
12/03/2017 Club Football   All County League R1 All County League R1 R1 R1    
19/03/2017 Club Football       R2 R2    
26/03/2017 Club Football   All County League R2 All County League R2 R3 R3   Colleges All Ireland
02/04/2017 Club Football   All County League R3 All County League R3 R4 R4    
09/04/2017     All County League R4 All County League R4 R5 R5 League R1 U18
16/04/2017         R6 R6 League R2 U18
23/04/2017 League R1 League R1 League R 1 League R1 league finals league finals League R3 U17
30/04/2017     All County 1/4 All County 1/4 North League R1 North League R1 League R4 U18
07/05/2017 League R2 League R2 League R2 League R2     League R5  
14/05/2017     All County 1/2 All County 1/2 North League R2     U18
21/05/2017 League R3 League R3 League R3 League R3       U17
28/05/2017 Byrne Cup R1 Aylward Cup R1 All County Final All County Final North League R3 North League R2   British Football
04/06/2017         North League R4     U21
11/06/2017               British Football
18/06/2017     North 1st Round North 1st Round North League R5     U17 & U21
25/06/2017     North Quarter Finals North Quarter Finals   North League R3   British Football
02/07/2017 Byrne Cup R2 Aylward Cup R2 North Semi Finals League R4, North 1/2 North League R6 North League R4 League R6 U18 Leinster Final
09/07/2017     League R4 League R5     League R7 U21 Leinster Final
16/07/2017 Byrne Cup R3 Aylward Cup R3     North League R7 North League R5 League R8  
23/07/2017 Byrne Cup R4 Aylward Cup R4 North Final North Final   North R1 League R9 U18 All Ireland 1/4
30/07/2017 Byrne Cup R5 Aylward Cup R5   League R6 North R1 North 1/4    
06/08/2017 Byrne Cup R6 Aylward Cup R6 Treacy Cup QF   North 1/4 North 1/2   U18 All Ireland 1/2
13/08/2017 League R4 League R4 League R5 League R7        
20/08/2017 Byrne Cup 1/4 Aylward Cup 1/4 Treacy Cup SF North v South Winners North 1/2 North Final   U21 All Ireland 1/2
27/08/2017 League R5 League R5 Treacy Cup Final Section 1st Round North Final      
03/09/2017 Byrne Cup 1/2 Aylward Cup1/2 North  v South Winners Section B Quarter Final County Final County Final   U18 All Ireland Final
10/09/2017 Byrne Cup Final Aylward Cup Final Section A League Final         U21 All Ireland Final
17/09/2017 1st Round 1st Round 1st Round Section B Semi Final        
24/09/2017   Quarter Final Quarter Final Section B Final        
01/10/2017 Quarter Final   Semi Final Semie Final        
08/10/2017   Semi Final            
15/10/2017 Semi Final   County Final County Final        
22/10/2017   County Final            
29/10/2017 County Final              
  18 Rounds 18 Rounds 25 Rounds 25 Rounds 19 Rounds 17 Rounds    
Demonstration Tables Only 9 Rounds of League          
Junior A Final Table   1st Round          
1 Emeralds   Double as Relegation 7th James Stephens  v 10th Conahy Shamrocks  Winners James Stephens
2 Young Irelands   Double as Relegation 8th Barrow Rangers v 9th Fenians   Winners Barrow Rangers
3 O Loughlin Gaels     3rd O Loughlin Gaels 6th ST Lachtains   Winners O Loughlin Gaels
4 Dicksboro     4th Dicksboro v 5th St Martins   Winners Dicksboro
5 St Martins   League Final 1st Emearlds v 2nd Young Irelands    
6 St Lachtains              
7 James Stephens   2nd Round          
8 Barrow Rangers   1st Round Winners James Stephens v Barrow Rangers   Winners James Stephens
9 Fenians   1st Round Winners O Loughlin Gaels v Dicksboro   Winners O Loughlin Gaels
10 Conahy Shamrocks Junior A            
      3rd Round          
      Semi Finals of Cup 1st Emeralds v James Stephens      
      Semi Finals of Cup  2nd Young Irelands v O Loughlin Gaels    
Shield Semi Finals for teams knocked            
out of cup, and safe from Relegation Semi Final of Shield St Martins v Barrow Rangers      
meaning everyteam playing something Semi Final of Shield ST Lachtains v Dicksboro      
till the 3rd Round              
      Relagation Final Conahy Shamrocks v Fenian      
      4th Round          
      Cup Final          
      Shield Final          
1 Only needs 13 rounds to run off 9 League and 4 Knockout, Junior A needed 19 and Junior B needed 17 to run last year.    
2 Clubs will get a minimum of 11 matches this year, in some Junior A and junior B groups there was a minimum of 10 games with a lot more rounds
3 Every club would be involved in round 3 of knockout above eg semi final of cup, shield or relagation final which could be played in mid august 
meaning every team going longer in the year,  knockout in North Junior B this year started on 21st of July    
Under 19                
  North Teams              
1 O Loughlin Gaels 13 St Patricks 24 Rower Inisitoge    
2 James Stephens 14 Cloneen 25 Mullinavat      
3 Dicksboro 15 Clara 26 John Lockes      
4 Danesfort 16 Conahy Shamrocks 27 Mooncoin      
5 Bennettsbridge 17 St Martins 28 Galmoy/Windgap    
6 Erins Own 18 Emeralds 29 Sliverue      
7 Lisdowney 19 Barrow Rangers 30 Tullogher Rossbercon    
8 Tullaroan   South Teams 31 Graignamanagh    
9 St Lachtains 20 Ballyhale Shamrocks 32 Piltown      
10 Griague Ballycallan 21 Glenmore 33 Carrickshock      
11 Young Ireland 22 Dunnamaggin 34 Kilmacow      
12 Fenians 23 Thomastown   Plus maybe 2nd team city teams  
Divide division into groups of 8 with 2 groups of 4 in each          
Example      Example of tables after 3 rounds of league        
Roinn A                
O Loughlin Gaels   Roinn A Group A Roinn A Group B        
James Stephens 1 O Loughlin Gaels Dicksboro        
Dicksboro   2 James Stephens Ballyhale Shamrocks        
Danesfort   3 Danesfort Glenmore        
Bennettsbridge 4 Bennettsbridge Erins Own        
Erins Own                
Ballyhale Shamrocks              
Glenmore     Cup Semi Finals          
      1st O Loughlin Gaels v 2nd Ballyhale         
      1st Dicksboro v 2nd James Stephens        
      Shield Semi Finals          
      3rd Danesfort v 4th Erins Own        
      3rd Glenmore v 4th Bennettsbridge        
1 Every round something to play for either shield or Cup          
2 Every team gets four games and only 5 rounds needed to run of tournament.        
By Mary Morgan Fri 20th Oct

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