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Favourite Moment – Dicksboro GAA

By Mary Morgan Sun 19th Apr

Favourite Moment – Dicksboro GAA
Favourite Moment – Dicksboro GAA


My name is Mikey and I am 10 years old. I play for the Dicksboro hurling club under 11. I joined the club at age 5 in 2015 and from the beginning I loved playing hurling. My managers were and still are very encouraging and teach us all the skills we need to play.

I am very lucky because my three cousins Joe Dowling, Sean Norton and James Kavanagh are all on the same team. We have lots of fun playing hurling and gaelic football together.  We also have lots of friends who are in our class in school that also play.

We got to play in Croke Park in 2017 it was a brilliant day I enjoyed every minute and was one of my highlights. Another one of my highlights was when Dicksboro won the County Final in 2017 and I got to hold the Walsh cup. We beat the Village by 5 pts.

In last five years we have play lots of great hurling match’s against other Kilkenny teams. We have also played a blitz in Cork we got to go on a bus and stop in MacDonald’s on the way home.  The team played in UCD against different teams we had a great day.   Our team went on to win the final of the Community Games under 11 hurling. One of my best matches was playing Castlecomer in the Alyward cup tournament and I scored 2 goals and a point. We went on to win the tournament.

I love going to training with my cousins and friends and hanging out and sometimes watching the senior team train.  We always have lots fun. The Dicksboro summer camp is always great fun, we play lots of hurling and gaelic football and we play lots of other games. The players of the senior team often help out and it is great to meet them and they help us improve our game. There is always a BBQ the last day and we get to play a game for our parents.

I cannot wait to get back hurling again I miss it a lot


Mikey B.

By Mary Morgan Sun 19th Apr

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