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Local Championships 2020

By Mary Morgan Mon 8th Jun

Formats for competitions

All Knockout matches are finish on the day. Extra Time 2 periods of 10 minutes. If still level penalty shootout.

A player once he plays a match at a grade, that grade will be classed as his grade eg if player plays in Senior Round 1 he can not play Junior section B later. Formats for the lower grades could have to be changed if clubs have not the numbers to compete.  


St.  Canices Credit Union Kilkennny Senior Hurling Championship 2020 & Michael Lyng Motors Hyundai Intermediate Hurling Championship 2020

12 Senior Teams Bennettsbridge, Clara, Danesfort, Dicksboro, Erins Own, Graiuge Ballycallan, James Stephens, Mullinavat, O Loughlin Gaels, Rower Inistiouge, Shamrocks Ballyhale, Tullaroan


12 Intermediate Teams Carrickshock, Dunnamaggin, Fenians, Glenmore, John Lockes, Lisdowney, O Louglin Gaels, St Lachtains, St Martins, St Patricks, Thomastown, Young Irelands


12 teams in both, Same format for both grades.

4 groups of 3.

3 rounds of league.


1st Round Knockout format 2nd place teams v 3rd place teams, teams in same group kept apart

4 1st round losers drawn and play and play relegation semi Finals 


Quarter final Draws seeded 1st teams in groups v 1st round knockout winners.

Semi Finals Open Draw


JJ Kavanagh & Sons Junior Hurling Championship 2020

13 Junior Section A Teams Barrow Rangers, Blacks and Whites, Cloneen, Conahy Shamrocks, Emeralds, Galmoy, Graignamanagh. Kilmacow, Mooncoin, Piltown, Slieverue, Tullogher Rosbercon, Windgap


JJ Kavanagh & Sons Junior Section A Championship (13 Teams)

13 teams 4 groups. 3 groups of 3 and 1 group of 4.


Preliminary round (1st Round knockout)

4th in Group A v 3rd in Group B, C, D


12 Teams Left

1st Round Knockout format (2nd round knockout)

 1st in Group A v 3rd Place team/Preliminary Winner

1st in Group B v 3rd Place team/Preliminary Winner

1st in Group C v 3rd Place team/Preliminary Winner

1st in Group D v3rd Place team/Preliminary Winner

2nd in Group v 2nd in Group

2nd in Group v 2nd in Group


Quarter Finals (3rd round of Knockout)

Semi Finals (4th Round of Knockout) Section B Winner come Enters

County Final (5th round of knockout)



JJ Kavanagh & Sons Junior Section B Championship 7 teams (No Relegation this year)

7 Junior Section B Teams, Clara, Dicksboro, Erins Own, James Stephens, Rower Inistioge, Shamrocks Ballyhale, St Patricks


1 group of 4 and 1 group of 3


Knockout  Quarter finals  

1st in Group B v 4th in Group A

2nd in Group B v 3rd in Group A

3rd in Group B v 2nd in Group A

1st in Group A has a bye


Section B Semi Finals open draw

JJ Kavanagh & Sons Junior A Championship, Junior B Championship, Junior C Championship

10 Junior A Teams Carrickshock, Dunnamaggin, Graigue Ballycallan, James Stephens, Lisdowney, Mooncoin, O Loughlin Gaels, Thomastown, Tullaroan, Young Irelands


10 Junior B Teams Barrow Rangers, Bennettsbridge, Conahy Shamrocks, Dicksboro, Glenmore, John Lockes, Mullinavat, St Lachtains, St Martins, Tullogher Rosbercon


10 Junior C Teams Danesfort, Emeralds, Fenians, Galmoy, Graignamanagh, Mooncoin, Piltown, Shamrocks Ballyhale, Threecastles, Windgap,


All 3 grades have 10 teams so same format

5 1st round matches, draw done

5 1st round winners and best loser through to next round. Best loser criteria in order (1) Smallest losing margin, (2) Highest Score by losing team (3) Most Goals scored by losing team.


Round 2 4 worst losers doubling up as relegation semifinals.

Quarter finals 6 teams with bye from 1st round plus 2 2nd round winners

JJ Kavanagh & Sons Junior D Championship

9 Junior D Teams Barrow Rangers, Blacks and Whites, Carrigeen, Clara, Cloneen, James Stephens, Kilmacow, Slieverue, St Patricks


1st Round 4 1st round matches, draw done (1 club gets a bye)

2nd round 2 worst 1st round losers loser eliminated.

Quarter Finals open draw


JJ Kavanagh & Sons Junior E Championship (8 teams)

8 Junior E Teams Bennettsbridge, Danesfort, Dicksboro, Erins Own, Lisdowney, Moocoin, Rower Inistioge, St Martins


1st Round 4 1st round matches

 2nd Round (winners group) 1st round winners v 1st round winners, (winners get a bye into semi-final, losers play in quarter final)

2nd round (Losers group) 1st round losers v 1st Round losers (winners play quarter final, losers eliminated)


JJ Kavanagh & Sons Senior Football Championship (9 Teams Remaining)

Senior Football Teams Left (9) Clara, Dicksboro, James Stephens, Kilmoganny, Mullinavat, O Loughlin Gaels, Railyard, Tullogher Rosbercon,  Senior Football Relegation 3 Teams Clara, Danesfort, O Loughlin Gaels


1st round knockout O Loughlin Gaels v Clara


Quarter Final Draws (Draws Made at March County Board Meeting)

Dicksboro v Mooncoin

Mullinavat v Railyard

James Stephens v Kilmoganny

Tullogher Rosbercon v O Loughlin Gaels/Clara


Relegation final Danesfort v O Loughlin Gaels/Clara

JJ Kavanagh & Sons Intermediate Football Championship (Draws Made at March County Board Meeting

Intermediate Football 5 Teams Blacks and Whites, Glenmore, Piltown, Rower Inistioge,Thomastown

Quarter Final Blacks and Whites v Thomastown

Semi Finals Glenmore v Rower Inistoge

Semi Finals Piltown v Blacks and Whites/Thomastown


JJ Kavanagh & Sons Junior Football Championship 8 teams

Junior Football 8 Teams Barrow Rangers, Carrickshock, Graigue Ballycallan, Kilmacow, Muckalee, Railyard, Tullaroan,Windgap. League draw discarded. Straight knockout competition.


By Mary Morgan Mon 8th Jun

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