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Reopening of Designated Club Walkways

By Mary Morgan Thu 4th Jun

Checklist for re-opening of Designated Walkways (June 2020)


  1. Confirm that your club has a designated walking track.
  2. Notify the date the club intends to open it.
  3. Confirm that it will be opened initially for a designated supervised period daily of four hours only. (Club can decide, and can vary, the most suitable time periods appropriate to their local setting)
  4. Confirm that the club will keep a record of periods when it is open. 
  5. Confirm that the club will provide designated hours for vulnerable persons or those who have been cocooning within this time frame.
  6. Confirm that the club will provide supervision of walkways during opening times to ensure compliance with social distancing guidelines and all other conditions of this re-opening.
  7. Confirm that the club walkway is to be used for recreational purposes only – no group/team training of any sort can take place on the walkway.
  8. Confirm that persons using walkway will walk in one direction only.
  9. Confirm that Covid-19 signage will be erected at the entrances to club property, and a photographic record of this signage to be submitted.
  10. Confirm that no other facilities will be used at this time and that supervision will be in place to manage this approach.


By Mary Morgan Thu 4th Jun

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