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Pathway to Working in a Role of Responsibility with Juveniles(U18) in Kilkenny GAA

By Séamus Reade Thu 18th Feb

Pathway to Working in a Role of Responsibility with Juveniles(U18) in Kilkenny GAA
Pathway to Working in a Role of Responsibility with Juveniles(U18) in Kilkenny GAA

Ahead of the 2021 season all juvenile club and team coaches must be Garda Vetted, have completed Safeguarding Workshop 1 and have at least a Coaches Foundation Coaching Course complete.

For full details on all of this please see below.

Click HERE to access the Child Safeguarding Resource on this website


A Chara,

Thank you for expressing an interest in becoming a coach for Kilkenny GAA, we know that it will be an extremely rewarding experience for you.

Our Mission Statement is a follows – Player Pathway: Our goal is to ensure all our young players who attend GAA coaching sessions have the opportunity to learn the game in an age appropriate manner in a fun filled learning environment. We cater for the emergence of all players, some of whom will aspire and reach the highest level they can achieve, and the player who plays at their own respective level.

Working with any Under 18-year-old, puts us in a role of responsibility with juveniles and to undertake this role there are standards that we need to maintain which are laid down in law by the Children First Act 2015. This act is fully supported by all GAA codes; GAA, Camogie, LGFA, Handball and Rounders. In this there are three criteria that we need to meet to undertake a role of responsibility with juveniles.

  1. Complete Garda Vetting
  2. Complete a Safeguarding 1 Workshop
  3. Complete a least a Coaches Foundation Coaching Course.
  • Note 1: You cannot coach until all three above are completed and not expired.
  • Note 2: You need to have completed Garda Vetting to participate in a Safeguarding Workshop.
  • Note 3: To undertake a Foundation Course you will need to have completed 1 and 2.

What do you need to do now?

Garda Vetting

  1. If you do not have a current valid Garda Vetting you need to apply for it now.
  2. If your Garda Vetting is more than three-years old, you need to reapply (Garda Vetting lasts three years).
  3. You need to contact your Club’s Children Officer to start this process, they will need to see two forms of identification from you.

The link to Garda Vetting site is –

Safeguarding 1

  1. It you have never completed a face-to-face Safeguarding 1 workshop; contact your Club’s Children Officer and he/she will link you with a workshop (during COVID-19 19 restrictions these are now Virtual).
  2. If you have completed a Safeguarding 1 workshop, this is valid for three years and will need to be refreshed. There is an online refresher course available which can only be completed if you have already completed a face-to-face workshop. You will also need to register on to complete this workshop. Access Safeguarding 1 Refresher Course here –

Foundation Coaching Course

The Coaching and Games team for Kilkenny GAA organise these courses, your Club Coaching Coordinator can contact Brían Ryan/ PJ Ryan (087) 6748378 for further information.

Who is responsible for ensuring that all criteria are met?

  1. You the coach/ person in the role of responsibility – follow the steps above.
  2. The Club! The Club Children’s Officer and Club Coaching Officer (or County in the case of County teams) must ensure that all people in roles of responsibility for U18 year olds have a valid Garda Vetting, have completed a Safeguarding 1 course (or refresher as appropriate) and have a Foundation coaching course (or higher).

Coaches/Mentors etc. cannot start in the role of a coach without fulfilling the above criteria.

Courses must be booked through either the Club Children’s Officer or Coaching Coordinator, who will then contact either Caroline Clifford (County Children’s Officer) or Brían Ryan (Coaching & Games Manager)/ PJ Ryan (Coach Education Administrator). (An online booking form will shortly be available to assist with booking courses)

If you have any questions on the above please contact us,

Caroline Clifford – Children’s Officer – (087 233 0026)

Brían Ryan – Coaching & Games Manager – (087 249 2343)

By Séamus Reade Thu 18th Feb

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