Kilkenny Coaching Project – Club Consultations

Tue 11th Jan Mary Morgan

Kilkenny Coaching Project – Club Consultations

As part of its work the Kilkenny Coaching Project Committee has, over the past two months engaged with stakeholders at various levels in the county (e.g., county team managements, schools, development squad coaches, full-time employees etc). The committee now wishes to engage with are the clubs.

Due to current public health restrictions, it is not possible to meet with club representatives in person and, in light of this, it is hoped to conduct this key stage of the process via Zoom/Microsoft Teams.  In order to try to give sufficient time and scope to this process, clubs have been divided into four groups with each group engaging in the consultation process on a separate evening.

It is hoped that the online meetings will enable the committee to update clubs of the work undertaken so far and then, via the consultation process, gather the opinions and recommendations from the clubs to inform the work of the committee. The role of the club in Kilkenny GAA is critical and central to engaging, retaining, and developing players for whatever level they may play at and as such your opinions are a vital and valued part of the Committee’s work.

Each club has received the Consultation Schedule and the date of its consultation, along with a Questionnaire that should guide the engagement with the stakeholders in each club. 

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