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Kilkenny GAA Announce UPMC Sports Medicine as Official Healthcare Partner

By Mary Morgan Mon 28th Feb

Kilkenny GAA Announce UPMC Sports Medicine as Official Healthcare Partner
Kilkenny GAA Announce UPMC Sports Medicine as Official Healthcare Partner

Kilkenny GAA have announced that UPMC Sports Medicine is to become their Official Healthcare Partner. The partnership agreement means that UPMC, which offers trusted, high-quality health services at UPMC Aut Even Hospital, the UPMC Sports Medicine Clinic in Waterford, and other facilities across Ireland, will work with Kilkenny GAA to offer inter-county players top-class care and attention in sports injury and preventative care.

“UPMC is recognised globally as a leader in sports medicine, rehabilitation and orthopaedics and is delighted to be working to find innovative ways to support the well-being of Kilkenny GAA players on and off the field,” said John Windle, general manager of UPMC Sports Medicine in Ireland.

Windle continued “UPMC Sports Medicine is proud to become the official healthcare partner of Kilkenny GAA and it follows on from the naming agreement of UPMC Nowlan Park. UPMC has a long tradition of caring for athletes at all levels, including the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Penguins in the United States and in Ireland as the official healthcare partner of the GAA and GPA.”

Jimmy Walsh, Chairman, Kilkenny GAA, said: ‘We are delighted to announce UPMC as our official healthcare partner. It will be a mechanism for our players across all codes to access sports medicine services and will allow us to assist our medical teams in providing healthcare to our players that is in line with international best practice in a range of areas.’’

He continued “This partnership with UPMC will be hugely beneficial to our inter-county teams and we look forward to working with UPMC to develop best in class ways to safeguard their health and wellbeing.”

The UPMC Sports Medicine Clinic is the health system’s first international location dedicated to sports medicine and this partnership announced today will offer a wide variety of equipment and services to Kilkenny GAA, including:

AlterG® Antigravity Treadmill™, which allows for pain-free lower extremity rehabilitation by reducing gravitational forces in a fall-safe environment;

Biodex technology, which guides return to play with validated, quantitative outcomes data obtained through computerised measurement of muscle function and output;

Blood flow restriction rehabilitation, which uses a specialised tourniquet system to reduce blood flow to an extremity with the goal of increasing strength using low weight loads to mimic training at high loads;

and Winback and shockwave therapy, two non-invasive, evidence-based treatments that accelerate healing from sports-related injuries.


Pictured are Pádraig Walsh, Brian Cody, John Windle, Jimmy Walsh (Chairman Kilkenny GAA) and Olivia Dowling (UPMC Aut Even Hospital) at the announcement in UPMC Nowlan Park that UPMC Sports Medicine is to become the Official Healthcare Partner of Kilkenny GAA


By Mary Morgan Mon 28th Feb

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