Saturday 4th Jun 2022

Saturday 21st May 2022

Saturday 14th May 2022

Sunday 1st May 2022

Saturday 23rd Apr 2022

Saturday 16th Apr 2022

Saturday 11th Dec 2021

Saturday 27th Nov 2021

Saturday 24th Jul 2021

Saturday 10th Jul 2021

Saturday 3rd Jul 2021

Sunday 20th Dec 2020

Friday 18th Dec 2020

Saturday 28th Nov 2020

Saturday 14th Nov 2020

Saturday 31st Oct 2020

Sunday 4th Oct 2020

Saturday 3rd Oct 2020

Friday 2nd Oct 2020

Sunday 27th Sep 2020

Saturday 26th Sep 2020

Tuesday 22nd Sep 2020

Sunday 20th Sep 2020

Saturday 19th Sep 2020

Friday 18th Sep 2020

Tuesday 15th Sep 2020

Monday 14th Sep 2020

Sunday 13th Sep 2020

Saturday 12th Sep 2020

Friday 11th Sep 2020

Wednesday 9th Sep 2020

Sunday 6th Sep 2020

Saturday 5th Sep 2020

The above tables are a record of the league points earned and the scores recorded in the Group Section of the League. They may not reflect the final standings which are governed by Rule 6.21 of the GAA’s Official guide. The final placings will be determined by the CCC on conclusion of the final group matches.