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Healthy Club Projects

The Healthy Club project aims to help GAA clubs explore how they support the holistic health of their members and the communities they serve. GAA clubs already contribute to the health and wellbeing of their members by providing opportunities to develop their physical, social, emotional, and psychological health. 

The project aims to help GAA clubs identify what they are already doing well, identify areas where they can or would like to improve, and empower them to ensure that everyone who engages with their club benefits from the experience in a health-enhancing way, be they players, officers, coaches, parents, supporters, or members of their local community. 

The healthy club model, which is based on best national and international practice, also aims to embed a healthy philosophy in a club while integrating health into the day-to-day club activities in a sustainable way. It also aims to place the local GAA club at the heart of the community, making it a beacon for health in the locale. 

Currently Kilkenny have 6 healthy clubs – Clara, Conahy Shamrocks, Thomastown, Ballyhale Shamrocks, Dicksboro and Young Irelands.  Three clubs are working towards Healthy Club status – Bennettsbridge, Erins Own and John Lockes.  All other clubs will have the opportunity to apply when it opens up again in September/October for the next phase. 

Kilkenny Services

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Mental Fitness

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Gambling Awareness and Substance Use

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Healthy Eating

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Social Inclusion

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Club Wall Chart

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