The new player transfer system, is now available within Foireann, facilitates the following applications within the GAA:

  • Inter-County Transfers and Intra-Provincial Transfers
  • Sanctions: USGAA, New York, Canadian & J1
  • Weekend Authorisations
  • European Student Permits
  • Inter-County Hurling Permits
  • It does not apply to transfers within a County which continue to be processed by each County (see below)

The existing Player Transfer System will remain active until 31-Dec-2023

Key Changes to Note

The system follows the same rules and processes as the previous system, but here are some changes to note:

  1. Player Initiates: The onus is on players to start applications via their Foireann accounts, in contrast to the previous system, where the Club Secretary of the joining Club started the process by adding the player’s email address and leaving Club to the system. The first step for the joining Club Secretary will now occur after the player has applied via Foireann.
  2. Foireann Based: Transfers, sanctions and permits are now managed within Foireann as opposed to the old transfer system which was available at The old transfer system will also remain live until 31 December to help manage the transition.
  3. New Layout: The user interface has been redesigned to make it more user friendly. The simplified navigation will improve the ease of use for players and administrators.


User guides are available and will provide ongoing support to help get you accustomed to the new system. Supports include:


GAA Transfers and Sanctions Information

Click HERE for link to GAA Transfers and Sanctions Information


Kilkenny Inter-Club Transfer Form

Click INTER-CLUB TRANSFER FORM to download Kilkenny Inter Club Transfer Form

Please note that this form needs to be submitted before January 31st.